Monday, 6 February 2012

Pole dancing with Mr Dyson

The last few days were very cold, so a great excuse not to do housework, especially doing the dishes in a freezing kitchen! Alas, with rising temperatures and rain, I’ve run out of excuses and dishes, so today I started to get active in my home (no more huddling beside the heater, knitting feebly and dozing off).

I decided to ease myself into the work, and hoover the studio/living room first. Mr Dyson, my 14 year old vaccuum cleaner, who is still going strong, despite its age and being dropped a few times rather unceremoniously, was whipped out and whirled around, after I had to move boxes, yarn baskets, thread, scissors, scribbled notes of knitting patterns and spinning books out of the way. Amazing how messy my studio can get (all the time!).

I turned on the music, and since I had watched The Full Monty last night in Channel 4 (what a great film!), I was inspired to dig out that CD soundtrack – definitely great music to get you in the mood…erm…for housework! So I was (in a way) pole dancing with Mr Dyson to ‘You sexy thing’, and got my studio…spanking clean!

There may be some people who are suckers for punishment and actually like chasing dust in the house, as well as washing floors and scratching dirt from ovens, but I always need some motivation to get down and dirty. However, things are so much easier if you do it to some good music.

If anyone has a good suggestion for music to clean to, please let me know! There is a very filthy oven to attack…

Saturday, 4 February 2012

February Update

The new year is already a few weeks old, and only now am I managing to write something for my new blog. However, I do have lots of good news to tell!

Purls of Colour designs can now be found at the following shops:
Lighthouse Yarns at St George’s Market also exhibits some of my pieces.

I am also thrilled to say that I am now writing two regular features for the Fondelifair blog:
Purls of Wisdom on a Wednesday, and Friday Finds on a…yes, a Friday!

I have been busy knitting, and not so busy lying in bed with a rather nasty flu. I am glad to say that I am now nearly back to my energetic self, although tonight – on a rather frosty night – my sofa is calling me rather loudly. I shall definitely wrap a big blanket around me and make myself comfortable with some knitting later on.

Recently, I spent some time doing some ‘extreme’ knitting – yes, this is what it is called: knitting with BIG needles. My big 25mm wooden needles came out…and I didn’t have to go to the gym anymore, since I got a full workout on my arms. Better than the rowing machine!

Since the needles were nearly longer than my sofa, I had to move away anything that was near, since one move with the big oars, erm, needles, and something got knocked over. It was fun though, and the result – a big cowl made from blanket material remnants – is now on its merry way to Ennistymon.

Nothing like knitting with chunky yarn in this frosty weather. Hard to believe that the Celtic Spring already started on 1 February!