Thursday, 7 June 2012

Riding the Queen's Highway

It was a long weekend here in Norn Iron with the Spring Bank Holiday and the Queen’s Jubilee. And although I won’t be talking about the monarch, I shall talk about Her Highways.

On Monday I cycled to Belfast City Centre to visit the Continental Market. I was broke, but my inner German was craving some real German salami, so off I went on the Lagan cycling path. I browsed the stalls, and bought two salamis, some Dutch beer cheese and Amaretto coffee – tres continental (I did want some Greek bread and French lavender, too, but the money didn’t stretch that far). The town was pretty empty, and there was a noticeable absence of cars, so I decided that I would dare going on the main roads, which I usually never cycle on after a few accidents in my student days. So here I was, riding the Queen’s Highway, with salami, cheese and coffee in my basket, and feeling great! So much space for a cyclist, and it was all mine, mine, my precioussss! Some people looked at me strangely, I guess I did a rather loud Gollum impression…

The absence of bumper to bumper cars, angry faces, and fumes was amazing, and nobody pushed me into the curb- couldn’t life be like this every day???

Apart from cycling, I spent most of the time clearing out papers, papers and more papers, but I also found some time working on new lace designs, and was knitting a scarf with the fabulous cotton-linen yarn from Wool Finch Studio.  I really knitted up a storm, and even managed to run out of yarn!

But now it’s back to the grindstone with lots of cars and rain, and the salamis and cheese are gone – they went rather fast…But I ordered more yarn…