Monday, 25 October 2010

The Austerity Neckwarmer

What happens when you are so fed up with the government, their cuts and their spin, and you also lie in bed with a cold and cough and have plenty of time to think (and rant to yourself)?

You come up with an idea.


'Austerity Neckwarmers©' are a range of cheaper ‘no frills’ short neckwarmers from Purls of Colour (or should this be Purls 'n' Politics?) Basically, a lot of people have told me how much they love my products, but can't afford them - and with these cutbacks even less so. Heck, I can hardly afford to make them!

However, I have one neckwarmer that sort of happened spontaneously and quickly - a nifty item that I use for cycling and love to bits. When somebody told me this weekend that she really wanted a neckwarmer like mine, I thought...hey! And the proverbial lightbulb went up.

I've tried to make this 'Austerity' range as cheap as I can, which is really difficult when you handknit and use handspun and natural fibre. However, I cut the complicated patterns & design, and the length, but not the quality and beauty of handmade or of wool, cotton, recycled sari yarn, bamboo and other natural materials.

I then thought of a name for my new range, and inspiration struck. I duly named them 'Austerity Neckwarmers' after the icy winds of cutbacks that have swept our country and many countries in Europe.

The neckwarmers are...yes, simple, but also warm, colourful, determined-optimistic, and a sign of the times. They are really handy for cycling, hiking, protesting (!) or any time you don’t want to carry a big scarf or cowl with you. It will fit even into smaller bags or pockets and can be whipped out if a sudden chill appears in the air.

I made the first one and also made the catch - and I immediately got a lot of catch-y ideas, so watch this space...

Each Austerity Neckwarmer will be colourful, unique and unusual – a practical but fun accessory in these icy times!