Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow...

I am a spring and summer babe, but there is something about a cold crisp but sunny winter's day that has a certain magic to it. Coming home to hot chocolate with mashmellows and cream, and a whole big stash of handspun yarn is pure bliss. Do I sound like the Cadbury's advert now?

The weather forcast tells us that it could snow in Belfast this week, and it's going to be -2C tonight. It was already so cold this morning, that despite my super warm boots, which are designed for Continental winters, my toes were freezing. Luckily, as a knitter, I have plenty of warm scarves and hats in my wardrobe, but I am a bit low on mittens and warm socks. At present, I am knitting myself a really warm cowl in gorgeous teal and turquoise yarn from Yarns at Etsy, and adding some of my own slightly wobbly beginner's handspun yarn in shades of purple and blue. I am looking forward to a chilly day to wear it once it's finished.

So what's in my shops at the moment that would make the very cold spell a very fun time for people? Here's a selection of Purls' warmest pieces which will not only keep you snug and warm, but also brighten up your day with their colourful designs.

This hat in Irish and Welsh yarn will certainly keep your head and ears warm. I can't promise that snowballs will bounce off, but at least you'll not be cold!

Although this handknit beret hasn't got earflaps, it's so big, soft and slouchy, you can nearly hide underneath it. Also hides a bed head perfectly. A lot of the gorgeous yarn comes from Lindsaycraft's shop on Etsy, and the handpainted yellow yarn is from Pancake and Lulu, also on Etsy.

Cowls are really in trend this season, and I love this cowl so much, that I am making myself a similar one! I actually re-wrote this traditional pattern for circular knitting. The beautiful berry coloured handspun yarns are again from Lindsaycrafts, and look so berry, you want to eat this cowl (but don't, it's too nice to end up in somebody's stomach!) 
And yes, you can see me in the mirror taking this picture of my bear model!

When I bought some gorgeous pencil rovings from Shunklies on Etsy, I knew I had to knit really BIG! So I whipped out the big needles and used a usually dainty lace pattern to make a statement. I added a bit of recycled silk yarn in turquoise and purple so that this cowl is truly unique.

Using another one of Shunklies' pencil rovings and some pink pencil rovings, I handknitted a scarf that can be used as a wrap, a cowl and a shawl, but I guess using it as an invisibility cloak is out of the question, because you'll definitely be noticed!

Handknitted from Irish Aran Tweed, banana fibre and recycled silk yarn, this big scarf or wrap consists of two halves that mirror each other. It's a unique piece that is just made for keeping warm outside, and inside a cold old house (like mine).

If you want to see more unique colourful handknit accessories, please check out my Etsy and DaWanda stores. And if you are living in the Southern Hemisphere, and the sun is shining brightly *sigh*, I do have some light knitwear in cotton, cotton ribbon and bamboo, too!