Saturday, 19 March 2011

Would I miss a yarn giveaway???

Weird and Twisted, one of the fabulous handspun art yarn shops on Etsy is having a yarn giveaway to celebrate their third anniversary. And it's not just any giveaway, oh no, the lucky winner will receive a full skein of art yarn, spun especially for her or him! The colours or theme will be based on the 3 inspirational photos all participants in the giveaway have to post on their blog.

To receive a full skein of art yarn spun for...meeee would be my yarn addicted heart's dream!

For more information, please go to Weird and Twisted's blog:

Now when I went through my photos, all I found at first glance were yarn pics, fibre photos, knitwear, more yarn, my Turkish spindles, yarn drying in the garden, knitwear, baskets full of fibre, yarn on the window sill, knitwear in progress, yarn everywhere...

To post yarn pics for a yarn giveaway would be a bit like a busman's holiday, so then I looked some more and found these...

Helen's Bay, Northern Ireland

The Belfast Wheel beside the City Hall, now moved to God-knows-where...(Wheel, I miss you!)

The inside of a sadly no longer functioning lap top

Somehow, I am quite surprised about my selection. I had planned (and started) the 3 inspirational pictures all landscap-y, happy, rainbow-y, flowery, Irish-y and colourful, and what came out was quite...urban, metallic, mechanical and powerful, with two things that are no longer at their original place or working as they used to. Oops! What does that say about my mind tonight?

Maybe the common theme is movement...maybe...


  1. Lovely to meet you at the Blog Awards last night :)

  2. Thanks :) Lovely to meet you, too! And I so love my goody bag!


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