Monday, 19 July 2010

I write, therefore I am...

...well, am trying, aren't I?

I have various email accounts, two shops, am tweeting ferouciously, co-ordinate the Etsy Ireland blog, have my favourite sites and blogs to read, am asked to join Facebook several times a week...and somehow run a busy life as well. Can I keep up with writing a blog regularly now? I failed once...sadly...but the writing bug keeps biting...buzzing like the annoying fly that's haunting my kitchen. I tried everything to get rid of it except killing, but the fly keeps coming back. Sorry, I meant, the writing bug keeps coming back. And I have so many yarns to spin and yarn pictures to show...

Rainbow Linen/Cotton Mix by Woollygathering on Etsy

So hello world, another attempt to write a blog, even when my blog design is still incomplete.

Ideas I have plenty, also rants galore, and did I mention those yarn pictures?

Handspun Merino Yarn by Lindsaycrafts on Etsy

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